Best Tools for a Contractor Loyalty Strategy

Looking for the best way to build contractor loyalty? You are not alone. Many manufacturers struggle to expand their sales and grow their business. While some housing markets are on the rebound, markets are not fully stable overall. In these uncertain times, all sorts of companies are looking for new ways to keep growing. What can your business do to grab its fair share of the new home and renovations markets? Read on to learn about the best tools for a contractor loyalty strategy.

A strong contractor loyalty strategy will turn contractors into your secondary sales force. Home buyers trust their contractors to help them make the right choices for appliances, carpet, fixtures, and so much more. A loyalty program incentivizes the product selections contractors already influence. When there are great rewards on the line, contractors may be more apt to recommend your products to their clients. Could it really be that simple?

contractor loyalty strategy There are many ways you can encourage contractors to learn more about your products and promote them for you. Once you set up your loyalty programs, they pretty much run on their own. It’s a self-sufficient system of constant support for contractors in your network. Here are six ideas for improving your company’s relationships with contractors through loyalty strategy.

Performance Tracking Module

Implement a performance tracking module to stay informed about contractors’ individual sales. Each sale will post to the appropriate contractor’s record. You can see who is promoting and selling your products just by tapping your phone screen. These performance trackers can also automatically send incentives to contractors who meet specific sales benchmarks and milestones.

Learn and Earn Module

To sell your products, contractors need to stay informed about your products, warranties, and other programs. This is an area where learn and earn modules really shine. Adding continuous training to your loyalty app keeps contractors engaged and educated about what you have to offer their customers. Offer points for participating in training sessions and daily trivia to keep contractors involved and informed.

Mobile App Module

Contractors are busy people. They don’t spend most days sitting in front of a computer. This is one important reason why a mobile app is a must for your contractor loyalty strategy. Contractors always have their phones with them, and this is how you can best catch their attention. A mobile app module will automate many functions, including enrollments, training, performance tracking, and more. Push notifications instantly tell your members about important updates and opportunities to earn more points.

CRM Integration Module

Customer relationship management (CRM) software programs let you track a lot of information about your customers making it one of the best tools for a contractor loyalty strategy. But what if you want to know who is really selling your products to those customers? Not all CRM programs offer the full picture of each sale. Integrating your CRM with your loyalty program puts more vital information at your fingertips. You could strengthen your sales and loyalty strategies by taking a closer look at those contractors who sell most of your products.

Open Enrollment Module

When you offer open enrollment for your loyalty program, you capture valuable information about current and prospective contractors. You can also expand your potential sales circle with ease. With the appropriate training and incentives, these people could drive your sales past your goals. Once you find out what makes them tick, you can tailor aspects of your loyalty program to best serve these participants.

Gamification Module

Even grown-ups enjoy playing occasional games, such as online scratch-off or spin-to-win games. Gamification modules show your contractors that you appreciate them and want them to be happy. Adding a gamification module to your loyalty program enhances participants’ experience with fun, points, and prizes. Anything you can do to keep members coming back to log in will keep your company and products at the forefront of their minds.

Ready to Kick Start Your Contractor Loyalty Strategy?

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