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Personalization Makes Your B2B Loyalty Program Better

“Customer experience” is the name of today’s marketing game. Although the two have historically lived in different marketing universes, B2B and B2C industries now face customer bases with the same expectations. Just as in B2C, B2B customers want relevant, personalized, valuable information and experiences with your brand. One of the ways you can improve customer experience is by adding personalization to your B2B customer loyalty program. Here are a few tactics that will make your loyalty program more personalized and engaging:

Signed, sealed, delivered customer engagement

What’s more personal than a message sent right to their home?

Imagine it’s your birthday (and if it is—happy birthday!) You’ve received two presents: one is a digital gift card e-mailed to you, the other is a gift card in an envelope with your name and a note handwritten on it. If the value on the cards is the same, which would have more personal significance to you? If it’s the envelope, you’re among the majority of people. Research from the Direct Marketing Association found that 79% of people act on direct mail immediately—compared to just 45% for email.

Say my name, say my name…

Using their names to make loyalty program participants’ ears perk.

Simple touches like adding names and company logos to loyalty program communications can make a world of difference. Feeback Loop found that personalized emails using recipients’ names earned a 40% higher open and response rates than generic emails.

You talkin’ to me?

Direct marketing to specific B2B customer groups.

The more targeted and specific your loyalty program marketing messages are, the better. Sending exclusive communications aimed at specific departments, positions, regions or teams makes program participants feel more invested. It triggers a far more attentive response because they know the message is meant specifically for them. HelpScout found that people are 15% more likely to respond to a call to action when identified as being part of a certain group.


These are just a few small touches that can breathe life into your B2B loyalty program—for more, take a look at our slideshow!