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Highlight Footage from the 2015 BThruB Leadership Summit Is In!

One of our favorite corporate events and company-wide endeavors of 2015 was our BthruB Leadership Summit. We began the conference last year as a way of exchanging incentive ideas, B2B marketing strategies, hearing from incentive industry experts and getting to know our clients. In October of 2015, we hosted the second annual summit at Barnsley Resort in October. It proved to be an excellent chance to spend valuable time with clients in a gorgeous, historic location. Incentive program ROI discussions and peer-led presentations proved to be great crowd-pleasers, this year, with mosat attendees citing it as their favorite part of the weekend-long event.

Our notable guest speakers included Todd Hanson, President and founder of The ROI of Engagement and Rodger Stotz, Chief Research Officer of the Incentive Research Foundation.

Without further ado, check out the video below to see the highlights from our 2015 BthruB Leadership Summit!