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How to Increase Sales with Distributors

increase sales with distributors

Not all online loyalty programs are made equally, and most are tailored to employee-based incentives. Anyone can throw up an online loyalty program and hope to increases sales with distributors, but what is most important is how you run it and the technology you use so you do meet sales goals. Communicate with distributors often. […]


Do You Know What Your Business Customer Buying Behavior Really Is?

business customer buying behavior

The internet is a leading contributor to change in business customer buying behavior – in a big way. While it’s possible to keep sales alive relying on old models, the struggle to connect is going to continue declining without a fresh approach. Benefits to switching up your sales methods are clear in today’s market, with […]


What’s the Difference Between B2C and B2B Loyalty Programs?

b2b loyalty programs

Upon first glance, B2C and B2B loyalty programs may seem very similar—after all, they have the same goals, right? Increase sales, customer loyalty, and collect program participant data. But the key difference between the two is size: B2C loyalty programs need to have broad appeal in order to attract as many participants as possible. B2B […]


The 3 Best Ways to Boost Global Partner Performance

global partner performance

Building relationships and improving global partner performance is a struggle for every type of business. Depending upon your partner locations, this might be a bigger hurdle than you can win by traditional marketing methods. That’s especially true when language barriers are in place. Consider the robust selection of incentive methods available today when brainstorming how […]


Understanding the Buying Behavior of B2B Customers

b2b customers behavior

Traditionally, buying behavior of B2B customers relied heavily on building personal relationships, nurturing those contacts and providing them with a reliable point-of-sale with their preferred suppliers. Millenials have flipped the script. Few stay in one position long enough to learn everyone’s name at their own companies, let alone establish profiles within an industry. Technology is […]


How to Focus Your Loyalty Program on B2B Customer Retention

b2b customer retention

The cost of bringing in new customers can be up to 4-10 times as much as keeping current customers. This is especially surprising when you consider the fact that 44% of companies put greater emphasis on new customer acquisition than current customer retention (a mere 18%). With such an obvious discrepancy, it makes you wonder […]


Customer Retention Strategies for Your B2B Loyalty Program

b2b customer retention strategies

When your business functions primarily on a B2B model, it can be easy to become so focused on managing your channel sales relationships that you put end-user interactions on the back burner. But at the end of the day, it’s your customers who will be supporting your business—and hopefully sticking around long-term. A loyalty program […]


Focus Your B2B Loyalty Strategies on Customer Retention

customer retention b2b loyalty strategies

Even in the B2C world, it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. But this is especially true in B2B markets where you work with drastically fewer customers. Customer retention is the very lifeblood of your marketing. This being the case, a B2B customer loyalty program should have slightly […]


The 7 Most Surprising 2017 Marketing Trends

2017 marketing trends

What can you learn from the 2017 marketing trends? Business to business marketers are always dealing with issues like growth and increasing ROI. That’s not likely to change anytime soon. Listed below are some of 2017 marketing trends that may surprise you but are deserving of your attention as you plan for next year: 1. […]


Personalization Makes Your B2B Loyalty Program Better


“Customer experience” is the name of today’s marketing game. Although the two have historically lived in different marketing universes, B2B and B2C industries now face customer bases with the same expectations. Just as in B2C, B2B customers want relevant, personalized, valuable information and experiences with your brand. One of the ways you can improve customer […]