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Companies Doing Good – Google helps put resources where they're needed most

In this month’s Loyaltyworks spotlight of companies doing good, we’d like to recognize a company that probably led you to our website in the first place – Google. We’re highlighting Google for an initiative that you’ve probably never heard of, but that’s making a huge impact on society: If you’re asking yourself “isn’t that […]


Loyaltyworks Works With Dekalb Fraternal Order of Police To Sponsor Shop With A Cop

It’s fall, which mean the holiday shopping season is almost here. Here at Loyaltyworks, we figured that it wasn’t fair that we get to have all the shopping fun by helping our customers find their gifts on our reward site, so we decided to take donations to give to the Dekalb Fraternal Order of Police […]


The Incentive Insider – News That Benefits Your ROI – July 2013

July, 2013 The New RewardTrax Leaderboard The ISI group is proud to announce the new addition of the leaderboard module to our RewardTrax incentive marketing platform. Beginning July 1st you’ll be able to plug in any numbers you like and have them show up as a leaderboard for your incentive, recognition or loyalty program. Gamification, […]


Loyaltyworks and the Atlanta Community Tool Bank – Building A Stronger Atlanta

Loyaltyworks Partners With The Atlanta Community Tool Bank To Help Atlanta Non-Profits Succeed Loyaltyworks and the Atlanta Community Tool Bank – Building A Stronger Atlanta   Atlanta, September 28, 2012 / PRNewswire / Loyaltyworks, an Atlanta-based premium provider of customer loyalty programs and employee rewards programs, and all of its employees have recently partnered up […]