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How Can Construction Loyalty Programs Change Part-Time Customers’ Ways?

As a construction manufacturer with an ever-changing supply chain, you’ve probably had to deal with “part-time” customers. What makes customers “part-time”? They aren’t brand loyal. They shop your prices. They don’t submit product registrations. They don’t register for warranties. They don’t contact you for aftermarket needs or maintenance. They don’t buy additional or supplemental materials […]


Increase Sales with Construction Incentive Programs

Managing Supply Chain Relationships When you’re a manufacturer of construction and building materials, products change hands often—from supplier to distributor to contractor. In order to increase sales numbers, it’s essential for you to cultivate positive relationships and brand loyalty within your sales channel. Your contractors and material distributors may frequently handle your competitors’ products, and […]


Turn Your Sales Channel into a Profit Loop

The HVAC industry is rife with threats to your valuable relationship with contractors. These contractors play an essential role in the supply chain: they’re customer-facing, they see the end-user’s home or building in person, and they have conversations with those end-users about their HVAC issues. This information is precious to you, as an HVAC manufacturer, […]


Boost Sales By Focusing on Satisfaction & Data Collection

CEO Steve Damerow – Boost Sales For Your Business By Focusing on End User Satisfaction and Data Collection from The ISI Group of Companies on Vimeo. Steve Damerow, CEO of Loyaltyworks, shares how you can gather data directly from your end users who purchase through a two-step distribution system, while bypassing the distributor and dealer. […]


Challenges Manufacturers Make When Marketing To Contractors

5 unique things about marketing to contractors Many contractors are out on the job site all day long. Once a job is complete, their “office” changes locations. So what does that mean for you? It means your campaigns need to be optimized for mobile devices. Smartphone use among Equipment World’s audience reached 70% in 2013. […]


How Can Manufacturers Stand Out to Contractors?

In the HVAC manufacturing industry, contractors have great influence over consumer choices. Contractors act as information brokers between the manufacturer and the end-consumer. Consumers may trust contractors’ advice and opinions because they have an ongoing relationship with them. For this reason, it’s very profitable for you, as an HVAC manufacturer, to cultivate relationships with contractors. […]