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Turn Your Sales Channel into a Profit Loop

The HVAC industry is rife with threats to your valuable relationship with contractors. These contractors play an essential role in the supply chain: they’re customer-facing, they see the end-user’s home or building in person, and they have conversations with those end-users about their HVAC issues. This information is precious to you, as an HVAC manufacturer, […]


Market Your Products, Gain Market Share and Boost Distributor & Contractor Loyalty

Results You Want with Incentive Rewards Programs

Why use incentives? Because they work! Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider using incentives as such a tool: Knowledgeable and attentive employees account for 80% of the reasons consumers feel satisfied, according to a PNC Bank Corp. survey. Fewer than one in four American workers is working at full potential; half of […]


Get The Most Out of Travel Incentives

Long-term-roi-incentive-programs-provide-companies Is Your Incentice Travel Program Worth The Effort? CEO Steve Damerow discusses getting the most out of your travel incentive program. Unsure if you have what is needed to operate an incentive travel program by yourself, but confident that incentive travel is the perfect motivator for your sales team? Steve Damerow, CEO of Loyaltyworks, shares [...] Read More...