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Meals To Heal – Working on Wellness

This next company exists outside of the norm of health food providers. But they’re one who may be doing some of the most important work of all. The company is called Meals To Heal, and they specialize in providing fresh, healthy and organic meals to cancer patients and their caregivers. Meals To Heal founder, Susan […]


Companies Invested In Wellness – Walmart

Wellness & Walmart – Surprising Bedfellows Wellness and Walmart are two words that most wouldn’t typically associate with one another. If you’re anything like me, when you think of Walmart you think of rednecks, pop tarts, and electronics – not healthy foods. Surprisingly enough, the company is taking health seriously and is making huge strides […]


Companies Doing Good – Molson-Coors

Our next company that’s doing good is one that many of us are probably very familiar with – the Molson-Coors Brewing Company. “A beer company,” you say? Yes – a beer company. We appreciate and recognize companies that are doing good not just for themselves, but for the earth and others. Molson-Coors Brewing Company is […]


Companies Invested In Wellness – Revolution Foods

Revolution Foods Logo

Revolution Foods – Working On Kids’ Wellness We’ve talked about companies who are doing what they can to change their business models to offer healthier options to America and the world abroad. We’ve talked about companies that you can somehow fold into your corporate wellness efforts as ways to get you and your employees on […]


Companies Doing Good – Pepsi Co.

Pepsi Co. Corporate responsibility for health and wellness

Our next company that’s doing good is one that’s familiar to the whole world – Pepsi Co. Known for their beverages, including Pepsi and Mountain Dew, Pepsi Co. hosts an entire catalogue of name brands that are well-known, but not often attributed to Pepsi Co. These are brands like: • Lay’s • Gatorade • Tropicana […]


Companies Invested In Wellness – King of Pops

King of Pops is invested in health and wellness

Not every company that’s making healthy food options sets out with a mission to change the world. Some people just love naturally amazing food and want to share it.. That’s the case with the founders of a small ice pop maker in Atlanta – King of Pops. King of Pops started when three brothers took […]


Companies Invested in Wellness – Monterey Bay Aquarium

Most of the companies we’ve spotlighted on this list are ones that produce the food themselves. They may be companies that are dedicated to natural products, and they may be dedicated to health and wellness, but they sell what they make. The company we’re spotlighting today is a little different. It’s an aquarium. The Monterey […]


Companies Doing Good – Tesla

Image Source This month’s company that’s doing good is none other than the carmaker of the moment – Tesla Motors. Never has electric power been so sexy and desirable as when it’s wrapped up in the model S’s lightweight aluminum body. But we’re not just recognizing them for building sexy cars. We’re recognizing them because […]


Companies Who Are Invested in Wellness – Arden’s Garden

Image Source There’s not a whole lot that’s healthier than fresh, organic juice. “Juicing,” as it’s popularly termed, gives people an easy way to consume their daily intake of fruits, vegetables, and a number of healthy vitamins and minerals. That’s the idea behind Arden’s Garden, an Atlanta-based juice bar. They sell fresh juices, bottled juices, […]


Tips To Help Your Company Work On Wellness – May 2014

Start Working On Your Corporate Wellness Today

We’re back and we are PUMPED UP for another monthly installment of tips to help your company work on wellness. If you couldn’t tell, we’re getting all psyched up for wellness like Richard Simmons, the God King of infomercials and healthy excitement. You’re going to have to get psyched up too if you want your […]