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Are Your Distributor Reps Ignoring Your Selling Proposition?


Are Your Distributor Reps Ignoring Your Selling Proposition?


Are you irrelevant to your distributor sales reps? Human nature is to “follow the money.” If you are in a non-exclusive relationship with your distributor and your product makes up less than 10% of their total revenue, chances are that you are an afterthought to the people that can greatly increase your sales.

Macroeconomics are hard to change. So the most effective way of gaining mind share is through an easy-to-facilitate, feature-rich sales incentive program. At Loyaltyworks our programs are easy to manage and offer numerous benefits, such as:

  • Mobile apps create instant back and forth communication with participants.
  • Gamification through the use of our leaderboard module creates fun and competition.
  • Our online reward mall, with millions of rewards to choose from, offers an attractive value proposition to your participants.
  • Our Learn & Earn module offers training and quizzes that train program participants about your promotions. It also contains surveys that offer real time feedback that is valuable to sales administrators.
  • Our communicatons tools let you send triggered programmable emails and texts directly to your influencers.
  • The back end administrative capability of our programs lets you access 60 free real-time reports that help you to adjust your program as necessary, and provide your management with the ROI analytics that justify the variable expense. There is even 1099 automation!

Best of all, our programs can be operational in 6 weeks, mobile optimized, available in 50+ countries, with zero IT involvement for as little as $5,000. Call me today at 678-514-0203, or your account executive, to schedule a free demo and find out why our clients recently gave us a 95% excellent rating and would refer us to a friend.

Remember, selling is the noble art of matching need with ability.


Steve Damerow – CEO

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