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The B2B Marketers’ Guide to Successful Dealer Incentives

When it comes to managing a successful dealer incentives program, there are many decisions to make and approaches to take. There are a number of incentive technology and tools, rewards, and goals to choose from—dealer incentive plans possibilities are virtually endless. So how do you know which incentive strategies to use to maximize effectiveness and align your incentive program with your overall channel marketing and organization goals?

The 2017 B2B Marketers’ Guide to Successful Dealer Incentives is designed to help you figure it out. Rather than scouring the ends of Internet for scraps of information pertaining to dealer incentive plans, you can get a complete crash course in all the basics.
 B2B Marketers’ Guide to Successful Dealer Incentives

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The guide is free to download in pdf form and it covers:

  • Making sure your dealer incentive program set up for success in the very beginning with the right structure and goals.
  • How to budget for your dealer incentive program.
  • Strategies for ensuring your program launch is a hit.
  • Identifying which incentive reward program billing models best fits your sales channel needs.
  • Choosing the right type of incentive rewards according to what’s most effective for your budget and objectives.
  • Best ways to engage dealers and increase program participation in your communications and marketing.
  • Understanding and selecting the best incentive technology for your program.
  • Measuring your program’s performance and ROI.
  • Extra efforts and techniques to boost incentive program effectiveness.

Whether or not you choose to implement or refine a dealer incentive program, this book will equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about the best dealer marketing practices for your organization.