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Certeon offers channel partners customer exclusivity incentive

Software and network provider Certeon has announced major changes to its incentive program that will provide channel partners with customer exclusivity, extensive training and lead generation.

The new channel partner program has a three-tier system with sales and product training that offers two certification levels for participants, according to ChannelPro Network. A new registration system allows partners to lock in a 90-day exclusivity agreement with customers, as well as providing higher margins for resellers.

Training in equipment technology and sales tactics will be provided free to partners, either via the internet or traditional classrooms.

"Most of our competition charges for this," said Karl Soderlund, Certeon's vice president of sales. "We believe this should be free. We want to make sure we train [partners] well and get their skill sets up to the highest level."

Certeon is also offering a "Try and Buy" program that will help channel partners sell products to customers by providing real-world demonstrations within their industry.

Certeon specializes in WAN – or wide area networks – that connect communications and computers between different locations.

WAN service can be provided through a private leased line that provides high levels of information security, but the cost can be prohibitive.