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Cloud computing firm releases updated system for channel partner program

Telecentris, a cloud communications firm based in San Diego, announced Thursday it has released an instant-quote and contract creation tool for the company’s channel partner program.

The program automates quotes and proposals across Telecentris’ business services. It also generates email templates for generating speedy client and prospect communication for sales partners.

“We are continually evaluating new ways to simplify and enhance the user experience for our channel partners,” said Tad Nikolich, director of sales at Telcentris. “The MasterStream platform is considered to be the industry standard by many for its ease-of-use and speedy performance, and we are eager to provide this convenience to our partners.”

The new system also allows master agents to create multiple personal profiles for sub-agents – allowing for more global visibility into account activities.

As the cloud computing industry continues to blossom, dynamic channel sales forces are needed to keep pace. Microsoft, Dell and Avaya have all recently announced updates or complete changes to their channel sales incentive programs – measures that have prompted others to take similar initiatives.