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Cloud services company offers unique sales incentive program

A cloud computing service company has implemented a unique sales incentive to generate growth. UK-based Attenda's incentive program rewards account managers for involving clients with partnered businesses and organizations.

"If one of our customers told an account manager that they were looking to deploy SAP, they would put them in touch with a partner who could help," Simon Hansford, vice president of service strategy and marketing at Attenda, told Yahoo News. "If a partner wins business on the back of that introduction, we would then pay our sales people an incentive."

Although the incentive does not directly generate revenue for Attenda since it delegates business to partnered groups, it does show those groups how dedicated the company is to helping its partners expand – a measure that indirectly generates business for Attenda in the long-term.

Hansford added that the unique program is a primary reason why 80 percent of the company's new business comes through channel sales. He expects the program to continue generating channel sales and helping the company expand even further.