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How To Get Your Competition Fired

Most of us are in a mature market. With that said, any sales process involves the buyer, you (the seller), and the incumbent. Unless you have a non-pricing strategy to dislodge the incumbent, they will likely receive a last look at and price match your proposal. The net effect of this is that you’re just wasting your time, and providing a pricing service for the client to beat down vendors with.

In his 2005 book, “How to Get Your Competition Fired,” Randy Schwartz had a very interesting process called “the wedge sales call.” Everyone knows the match/mirror approach, and that you need to make your prospect comfortable. Randy maintains, “ask a picture perfect question that gets prospects to see the gap between their current service and the ideal service they could be receiving…closing the gap is what you have to sell.” Take away that benefit by suggesting it is not important. If the prospect objects, you know it is. Then, position your product differentiators to deliver that solution.

I suggest an additional sales inducement for a mature market, and that is to utilize a customer incentive/loyalty program that separates you from your competition. All things being equal, a customer will buy from and remain with a vendor that uses a participant-friendly online incentive management platform that encourages a give and take relationship, nurtures true dialogue, and promotes sales and other activities with attractive rewards.

The Loyaltyworks incentive management platform does just that and can be operational in weeks, with minimal upfront cost and virtually no IT involvement.

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Steve Damerow – CEO