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How To Create A Sales Process That Works For You

We’ve been very fortunate throughout the years to have worked with a large number of companies that were looking to create, energize, or reinvent their sales process. Typically, we deal in using incentives as one of the main ingredients in energizing and motivating the sale funnel. But we also take the time to consult with our clients in order to determine ALL the ways they can create a successful sales process for each individual sales person, as well as for the company as a whole. Throughout our years in the field, we’ve seen that there is a pretty conventional 7-step approach to creating a sales process that, when followed and altered to suit your specific needs, creates success.

Start Selling Yesterday – To begin developing your sales process, do not wait another day to start. Failure to start creating your process will inevitably result in no process, no sales, and guaranteed failure.

Establish Your Qualifiers – Know what makes a lead a good fit for your product. To do this you need to know about more than just your product. You need to know about how your product works with their business, how their business works in general, how your product impacts their bottom line, and budget issues. When you talk to a client and find out that your product hits their pain points, helps save them time and/or money, then you know you have a qualified lead.

Simulate A Full Sale – Once you have an idea of what some clients might respond to, find a coworker or someone to practice a full sales walkthrough with. This will help you fully realize what all you need to be prepared for going into obtaining, prepping, calling, pitching, then processing a lead into a client. Do you need to know how to process payments? That might be handy to know before you get a live call on the line.

Script Your Call – Writing a good overall sales script is the best way for you to take your prospects from point A (the call) to point B (the close), while showing them why they need your product along the way. Think of yourself as a tour guide and this is your script for pointing out all the interesting things along a route. All comparison to tour guides aside, a good sales script typically has the following sections included:

  • Intro
  • Qualifiers
  • Q&A (features, pricing, next  steps, etc.)
  • Asking for the sale
  • Handling customer objections
  • Setting up the next steps

This process is never set in stone, per se. But these steps should help give you a general idea of where to take your own sales script.

Build A Funnel – Your typical sales funnel should look something like this:

Calls/emails -> contact -> qualified -> closed

You should also calculate how many qualified leads you need to meet your closed goals, how many contacts you need to reach your qualified goals, and so on. This will ensure that you hit your marks every month and continue to realize success for you and your company.

Don’t Just Walk Away – Once you close a sale, you don’t just turn your back and walk away. Ensure that the support staff you hand your client off to know exactly what to do, what your client needs, and how to ensure their satisfaction in the future. Also, don’t be afraid to keep in touch with your clients to touch base and get a feel for how their needs are being addressed. Doing this will ensure loyalty and revenue as your relationship continues.

Test It – Once you’ve got a process hammered out, don’t be afraid to change it when you need to. Nothing is ever perfect, including your sales process, so make sure you continually find the stress and fracture points of your process so you can continue to improve it.

If you’d like more information on how to craft your own sales process, or how to engage your sales people in the process of selling, call us at 1-800-844-5000 or fill out a contact form.



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