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How Can We Develop the Most Effective Channel Marketing Campaigns for a Business?

channel marketing campaignsYou know channel sales will boost your business, but you have absolutely no idea how to create the effective channel marketing campaigns you need. Sound like you?

If so, you’re not alone.

Building successful channel sales program is no mean feat. It takes years of experience and a maniacal focus on processes. Without these things, it’s almost impossible to breathe life into effective channel marketing campaigns.

To help you get started, here are four industry best practices that can assist in ensuring your channel marketing campaigns are successful:

1. Your Program Must Support Your Business Goals

At the end of the day, a program with no bottom-line impact to at least one critical business component is going to fail. Think of a single key business metric as your guiding Northstar. Everything about the program should drive towards improving that number.

When done right, the alignment between your program and the performance benefits of your business should appear completely integrated and effortless.

2. Ongoing Loyalty Is Critical

Let’s face it: gaining additional value from an existing customer is almost always cheaper than acquiring a new one.

Therefore it’s incredibly important for you to build productive relationships with clients, vendors, and channel partners.

Unfortunately, that’s not easy.

However, there are options. A variety of new technologies and relationship management techniques help strengthen individual relationships by offering tools and methodologies for the historical tracking of performance and contact management. Anything that will allow you to share data, results, product information, and training materials, across an organization, will benefit you and your business in the long run.

3. Ownership and Accountability Are Essential

[ezcol_1half]Think carefully and critically about who is going to run this program inside of your corporation or business. This person will own the relationship between your vendor and channel partners. It’s their responsibility to maintain, monitor, and nurture the relationship, which often includes activities like:

• Sales reporting
• Upcoming product releases and improvement
• Conflict reconciliation
• Contract review in compliance
• Joint planning sessions
• And more.

Without the ability to have a single voice and driving force behind your program, you’ll struggle to get anywhere. And if the person leading it doesn’t have the vision needed, your program will fail.

Which brings us to…

4. You Need a Strong Program Manager

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[/ezcol_1half_end] Would it make sense to implement a strong channel marketing program, only to turn around and find lame program partners? Probably not. If you’re going to invest the time, money, and focus on building out a great channel sales strategy, your partners must be top-notch.

This includes evaluating not only the business’s successes but also the skills and abilities of the people you will be working with directly. In other words? It can be a great company, but having a lame account manager can make success nearly impossible.

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