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Digital River announces addition of multi-channel online distribution program to its solutions

Digital River, a top provider in global solutions for e-commerce, recently announced a new addition to its enterprise Global Commerce solution.

The Multi-Channel Optimization Program will assist the manufacturers of consumer electronics by taking a multi-channel angle to online expansion, pricing and distribution that will maximize sales figures from the start of product presale and all the way to liquidation.

Digital River specializes in building and managing online businesses for a variety of distributors, software and game developers, consumer electronics manufacturers and online affiliates and retailers. The multi-channel e-commerce solution it provides supports sales and is custom engineered to allow companies to get the most out of their online revenues, while also reducing costs.

“Gone are the days when your only option for refurbished, b-stock and end-of-life products was liquidation,” said Tom Donnelly, Digital River’s president and chief operating officer. “Our Multi-Channel Optimization program offers consumer electronics manufacturers an ideal way to re-channel their products based on where the product is in its lifecycle-and it accomplishes this without risking profits, channel harmony, brand control and their customer relationships.”

The Digital River Multi-Channel Optimization program will provide a number of integrations for its channel incentive,including an outlet store that will act as a source for selling returns, refurbishments, and other b-stock items, and an eBay solution that allows for easy access to the eBay marketplace with search optimization and top-tier seller management.

The channel integrations will also include a where-to-buy solution that will minimize the risks involved with emerging markets and an online warranty solution that provides up-selling of warranties offering repair charges via the internet.

Elsewhere in the channel partner universe, Cloudera has announced it is joining Hadoop, an open-source project administered by the Apache Software Foundation that has produced an innovative platform for combining and consolidating large-scale data.

“I think what’s going to catch both partner and customer interest is the fact that we have the industry’s first certification program [for Hadoop],” Ed Albanese, head of business development at Cloudera, told Channel Insider. “This certification program is a great step to enable customers and partners to tell their stories,” Albanese added.