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D&M holdings introduces multi-tiered channel initiative

According to This Week In Consumer Electronics magazine, electronics marketer D&M Holdings has released a multi-tiered channel initiative that includes an online reseller authorization portal, which is available to all resellers of its Denon, Marantz and Boston Acoustic brands' audio products. D&M Holdings, which was formed by the 2002 merger of Denon and Marantz, has since acquired several other companies including Boston Acoustic.

The initiative, which requires dealers and distributors of the products to sign new reseller agreements, acknowledges a new unilateral advertised pricing policy for the company's brands, and prohibits third-party sales and transhipping.

"Our fully transparent and clearly delineated reseller authorization program will allow us to be more strategic and focused in all channels, guard and protect our brand integrity, forge stronger relationships with our dealers, and also proactively monitor and take swift action to halt practices such as illegal transhipping and misuse of our intellectual property," said D&M North American president Bob Weissburg. "We take our brand and market position very seriously, and this channel management initiative is an important step forward in helping us protect and reward our valued and indispensable authorized reseller network for all three D&M brands."

Additionally, sales through the internet are also prohibited unless channel partners pass a rigorous screening process.

The portal is part of a widespread, multi-tiered company strategy to effectively manage channel sales for the brands, as well as to increase transparency. The company hopes to partner more closely with resellers to make sure that end users will only purchase products from qualified, authorized channel partners. This will help to ensure that Denon, Marantz and Boston Acoustics technology, innovation, performance, and brand benefit messages are communicated correctly and to maximum effect.

According to D&M, almost 99 percent of its resellers have already signed the revised confidential agreements by using the online portal, and have also acknowledged the company's new unilateral advertised pricing policy. Those who are yet to complete the process will be unable to place orders until they do so and are approved by the company.

The company's manufacturing plant in Shirakawa, Japan was shut down earlier this year after a 9.0-magnitude offshore earthquake damaged the area's power and water supplies, as well as affected local major highways and high-speed bullet train tracks, according to technology news and information provider CEPro.