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EFI launches four new programs for Fiery partners

The digital printing company EFI has launched four new programs – including stronger partner training programs and an enhanced channel incentive program – aimed at helping partner companies working with the company’s Fiery product line.

"The programs provide extensive education and support services, ensuring customers take full advantage of the value of Fiery technology to boost profits, lower costs and ultimately produce the highest quality digital prints available," said Parnaz Rafatjou, EFI’s director of product and channel marketing for Fiery.

As part of an effort to give its technical partners a better understanding of the product line, EFI has created what it calls the Fiery Global University – a combination of traditional classroom sessions, webinars and online classes – which the company says will reduce the cost of training for new partners.

The incentive program establishes a tiered channel sales structure that allows higher-value partners to separate themselves from the other companies and gives them additional tools and resources to better serve their customers.

The company already counted a number of major firms as significant parts of the its partner program, including Xerox, Sharp and IKON. Currently, the partner programs are only available in the U.S., but they will be expanded globally in the near future.