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Egnyte Hybrid Cloud Solution’s channel program brings in more than 500 resellers in just four months

Egnyte, a company that specializes in allowing businesses to safely share files and a leader in providing cloud file server solutions, announced a significant accomplishment for its channel program that is only four months old.

The Egnyte Reseller Program has attracted more than 500 resellers making it one of the fastest growing channel programs around. The demand for top notch security from technology channel partner executives was touched on in a 2010 Forrester Research report that found adopting the cloud or Software-as-a-Service was dependent on a secure platform.

The report stated that integration is essential for businesses of all types that run on hybrid cloud or architecture located on the premises.

“We have an easy sell with Egnyte,” said Shawn Westerhoff, principal of Turn 11 Networks. “With Egnyte running on our VMware platform, we give our customers the benefits of the cloud combined with the performance and security of their on-premise solution, as well as the ability to keep using their existing hardware. From a purely technical perspective, Egnyte’s solution is amazing.”

The program offers layered security measures that include secure transmission, network, physical, access and data protection. The channel allows administrators, whose businesses have adopted the incentive program, to monitor and control all access from a centralized standpoint.

Egnyte Cloud File Server is in demand for businesses that require state of the art security with flexible options across a wide scale. The model allows its resellers to create a consistent stream of revenue while rewarding performance.

“The Egnyte Reseller Program’s fast growth shows that Egnyte’s hybrid approach truly resonates,” said Tim Gozzano, owner of Gozzano Consulting. “Resellers are looking for ways to adopt new models in the era of cloud. Egnyte is customizable and secure. It gives resellers an intuitive solution for end users.”
The channel program offered by Egnyte features unique tools such as a cost-effective and simple cloud file server solution, tiered commissions that increase with sales, an integrated solution system for cloud-based technologies and a hybrid cloud solution that eliminates conflict in channels usually found in cloud solutions.

According to Egynte’s website, companies that choose to resell their channel program will help build lasting relationships with their customers.