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Emerson Network Power combines Liebert and Avocent channel programs

Global technology company Emerson Network Power has combined the previously separate channel sales programs for its Liebert and Avocent brands in order to streamline its programs and offer a more comprehensive set of data center channel resources to solution providers.

The new program – named the Emerson Network Power Innovation Partnership Program – covers data center infrastructure management across the two information technology products manufacturing brands. Virtual asset management products are covered within the Avocent portfolio, and uninterruptible power supplies, power management and precision cooling wares are handled by Liebert. Both sides collaborate on physical monitoring, asset tracking and other data center infrastructure management offerings.

According to Tracy Collins, director of channel sales and marketing for the Avocent and Liebert businesses at Emerson's North America division, approximately a quarter of solution providers already sold products from both brands, and conversations with partners indicated clear complementary selling opportunities.

"It's putting the Liebert and Avocent sides together in a way that I think makes us a game changer," said Collins. "If you don't make the program that brings that kind of value with partners, you don't get the velocity you need. From the beginning, we said, 'Here's a broader solutions set and the partners that serve this market are often jointly working together,' but we had separate entities and separate sets of rules, and it became, 'How do we build it into a common program?'"

When combining the programs, care was taken to preserve the flexibility of the individual brands while facilitating access to product and channel resources. As well as streamlining deal registration across both product lines, a consistent pricing structure was created and an online portal was launched in order to give partners centralized access to resources. Additionally, the company's team of locally based data specialists available to assist partners in different areas has been expanded, and product sets from both Liebert and Avocent were made available to a wider group of partners.

Avocent was acquired by Emerson as the result of a $1.2 billion deal that was brokered in October 2009 in order to broaden Emerson's data center management portfolio of technology and services related to infrastructure, power and cooling, according to The New York Times.