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Epicor official named Channel Chief for outstanding incentive program

Epicor Software Corporation offers business software solutions with a soft touch. CEO George Klaus was recently named a 2010 Channel Chief by CRN magazine for Epicor’s channel partner incentive programs.

In the past year, Epicor extended its three-tiered partner incentive program to include professional services. This new element rewards Epicor business partners focused on implementing new solutions to serve their Epicor customer base, reports CNN Money.

Epicor channel partners have increased revenue contributions by more than 80 percent over the past four years and the company continues to expand its reward programs with the hope of maintaining this trend.

Additionally, the company’s longstanding Epicor 9 program – which helps partners easily adapt Epicor products to industry-specific requirements – has helped it build its business partners.

“I am honored to be named a 2010 Channel Chief,” Klaus told the source. “Epicor is proud to work closely with our global channel partners to deliver unmatched value to our customers worldwide.”

Other companies might benefit from taking a page out of Epicor’s book and launching channel incentive programs to create mutually profitable business partnerships. An Australian Graduate School of Management study suggests partner programs that are particularly geared at helping distributors handle products often lead to positive results.