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Facts on Channel Marketing Strategies


How B2B companies talk past their customers

  • In an analysis of 704 global executives’ ratings of the brand strength of their primary and secondary suppliers.
    • Categories and % of Top Global B2B companies with stated affiliation with theme:
      • Cares about honest, open dialog with its customers and society: 0%
      • Acts responsibly across its supply chain: 4%
      • Fits in well with my values and beliefs: 0%
    • Theme’s contribution to perceived brand strength:
      • Cares about honest, open dialog with its customers and society: 17%
      • Acts responsibly across its supply chain: 16%
      • Fits in well with my values and beliefs: 11%
    • “Face-to-face and phone contact with sales representatives ranked highest among B2B customers considering, evaluating, and purchasing products, as well as in product-loyalty decisions. This was true across all industries and regions in our sample.”

Increase Rewards Program Engagement with Loyaltyworks’ Mobile App Technology.

  • In 2010, more than 50% of all Internet access was being done through a handheld device, primarily smartphones and tablets. In fact, 35% of all iOS and Android owners use mobile apps before getting out of bed every morning.
  • Loyalty program participants don’t have to wait to login, they simply click on the app, and they’re plugged directly into your program

Educate And Engage Your Employees

  • According to the U.S. Department of Labor, an untrained workforce can cost as much as 150% of their annual wage in lost productivity.
  • Use The Learn And Earn Module To:
    • Create a continual education curriculum inside of your reward program that builds participant knowledge about your products, services, features and benefits.
    • Easily upload and launch surveys, quizzes and training content into your reward program in any form you wish.
    • Give your participants access to millions of rewards in your reward program when they successfully complete their training.
    • Deliver custom Daily Trivia so participants can regularly enjoy the fun of answering questions and get into the habit of visiting your reward program frequently.

Tracking Sales Is Only The Half Of It

  • The Performance Tracking module allows your sales teams and dealer networks to input sales from any computer or smart phone as they happen, making it easier to get the data you need from our trackable, reportable system.
  • Use Performance Tracking to:
    • Gain end user consumer information from your distribution and channel networks
    • Manage multiple promotions that target different participant segments with different rules
    • Load product serial numbers for validation
    • Collect all the information you need through the online claims form, and program your own audit parameters for each field
    • Receive supplemental claims verification files (such as invoices) uploaded directly to your program by participants
    • Prevent duplicate claims
    • Reduce your risk with automatic verifications and audits
    • Customize audit instructions by promotion
    • Track participants progress towards performance goals
    • Communicate status back to participants on a real time basis

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Creating Impressive Customer Experiences in B2B Markets

  • To create and deliver a differentiated customer experience, firms need to provide a tailored, all-inclusive experience to each and every customer at each touch point along the customer journey.
  • B2b companies are often dealing with a smaller number of customers than their b2c counterparts. With b2b customer bases typically in the 100s rather than 1000s, developing a position of trust with multiple decision makers becomes much easier.
  • In recent years, many b2b companies appear to have fallen into the ‘commodity trap’ whereby firms compete on price rather than developing a differentiated position based on service. Those companies focusing on creating experiences and ‘thinking like a customer’, however, will prosper and leave the others behind.

The Six Pillars of B2B Customer Experience Excellence

  • Only 14% of firms are truly customer centric where the customer experience is embedded into their company culture.
  • 40% of B2B firms perform well in making life easier for the customer
  • 39% of B2B firms perform well in timely response, delivery and resolution
  • 27% of B2B firms perform well in continually seeking to improve the customer experience
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