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These Facts Reveal the Future of Sales Channel Customer Data


  • The primary data collected from college students in Taiwan were analyzed to examine the relationship between perceived convenience and shopping intention. The result shows a significant relationship between the two variables, and a positive effect of convenience perception on shopping intention

  • Building the B2B Omni-Channel Commerce Platform of the Future
    • 49% of B2B buyers prefer making work-related purchases on B2C websites
    • 44% of B2B sellers face Diffi­culty in integrating back-offi­ce technology
    • 42% experience difficulty sharing customer data and analytics
    • 40% face limits by distribution partners, franchisees or wholesale customers
    • 36% face conflict between channel organizations
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  • Gartner Says Customer Data Has Monetary Value but Many Organizations Ignore It
    • Many organizations do not manage customer data as a corporate asset, and the monetary value of that data is often ignored, according to Gartner, Inc.

  • Better use of data leads to better understanding of B2B customers
    • The analysts used data from a June 2013 survey of nearly 200 B2B marketers, which found that only 10% said they were effectively using data analytics to improve how they market to customers.
    • 30% said their data analytics were not effective
    • 57% termed their efforts “neutral”
    • 3% said they didn’t know

  • How to Use Customer Data to Strengthen B2B Client Relationships
    • According to research from Aberdeen Group, customer service representatives spend 15 percent of their time looking for relevant data needed to address client issues. This translates to six hours each week, per agent, spent mining data for information that allows them to do their jobs effectively.
    • Gartner predicted that CIOs can reduce customer-support costs by at least 25 percent when a proper knowledge-management structure is in place.
    • According to research from customer intelligence consulting company Walker, by 2020, responding to customers immediately won’t be fast enough. Instead, clients will expect their providers to know how to address their future needs.
    • Simply collecting data about your customers isn’t enough. You need tools and processes that can correlate and consolidate the information to provide actionable insights.
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