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Fujitsu giving partners free hardware testing

The Japanese IT services firm Fujitsu has announced that it will allow its software development partners to test their programs on its servers for free.

The additional testing will allow partners to examine the performance of their programs, which will allow them to better promote their products – because they have already been tested.

In return, Fujitsu hopes that the testing will provide an incentive for other companies – including those that test their software – to purchase its servers. The company hopes to double the sales of its computer servers by its next fiscal year, which starts in April.

The company says it has already begun working with two software developers at its new test center, and hopes to sign up roughly eight more over the next six months.

Fujitsu also announced that it was upgrading the servers in place at various companies throughout Japan, including the insurer Taiyo Life. The company says the upgrade at each of the firm’s 146 offices will reduce carbon emissions by 150 tons and cut the company’s annual operating costs by 500 million yen – approximately US$5.6 million.