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Government agencies turning to cloud computing as means to save money, reap technological advancements

Companies that provide cloud computing will likely benefit from a nationwide surge in the practice starting with the federal government recently announcing a transition to cloud computing that was spurred by security advances and budgetary pressure from the private sector.

Cloud computing is a key component of most channel incentive programs and entails the outsourcing of email and data storage to an easily accessible central platform that can be accessed from the internet.

Linda Cureton, NASA chief information officer, said during a Fedscoop conference recently that government entities entrusting their data and other private information with cloud computing could signal a major turning point in the industry, according to NextGov.

“I’m sure now it’s going to be boom, boom, boom,” she told NextGov. “Our processes at even evolving strategy are too slow right now for what industry is doing . . . We can’t move that fast. We have to lean forward and anticipate what industry is going to be doing. And it’s going to be much cheaper to get commercial services than to provision our own.”

According to the website, the Obama administration has vowed to allocate roughly one quarter of its $80 billion information technology portfolio to private, public or hybrid computer clouds over the next four years. That movie is expected to net the government roughly $5 billion in savings per year.

Martha Dorris, deputy associate administrator of the General Services Administration’s Office of Citizen Services, told the news source the organization’s decision to move the site’s Spanish counterpart to the cloud was a way in which to save money rather than to take advantage of the technological advancements.

“We were basically in a corner,” Dorris told the website. “We had not gotten new infrastructure funding for or Gobierno in years and years. Our service level was degrading. Our content management system was having to be rebooted every night. We were really sweating bullets. We had nowhere to go.”

According to CNET News, Vivek Kundra, CIO of the Obama Administration, spoke recently at NASA’s Ames Research Center and confirmed that $19 billion of the government’s IT budget is geared toward infrastructure alone.

Kundra added the Department of Homeland Security alone has 23 data centers and indulging in existing systems as well as taking part in cloud computing will help in shaving off the budget.