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IBM offering vendors incentive to replace competitors’ products

IBM is now offering its channel partners a special incentive if they are able to "displace" software made by its competitors, ChannelWeb reports.

The "software value incentive" program, which the source says was described in a note sent to partners last week, would give resellers an additional incentive if they are able to replace software made by SAP, Oracle or Hewlett-Packard. The programs cover a wide range of applications, including databases, business intelligence software, middleware and software testing.

"Our partners are really accelerating these migrations," Sandy Carter, vice president of IBM Software Group business partners, told the source. Carter said that of all the current reseller deals in the works, approximately 40 deals presently qualify for the program.

Many other high-profile companies are also giving channel partners an incentive to replace competitors’ products. The Register reports that Microsoft is being very aggressive in its battle with Google, and is currently giving resellers a sales incentive to switch from the company’s popular Gmail service to its own Exchange email server.