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IBM wins channel partners with LotusLive partner program

IBM is ready to catch consumers and partners who are left hanging because of Microsoft’s decision to discontinue its Windows Essential Business Server. IBM has already gained more than 200 business partners since the launch of its LotusLive partner program, reports

The LotusLive channel incentive program offers partners the privilege of “owning” the relationship with the cloud computing customers – entitling resellers to handle all sales and billing. LoutusLive also enables businesses to collaborate with suppliers, partners and customers outside of the firewall.

According to the source, IBM is also building tiers of administrative purposes for the program, which might assure partners that the evolving program isn’t in danger of being discontinued.

“We can rely on IBM to address our midmarket customer needs, unlike Microsoft who has left us in the cold with this abrupt withdrawal of Enterprise Business Server,” the source quotes Bernie Leung, CEO of Mesa Technology and an IBM business partner, as saying.

Business owners might be well-advised to keep a close eye on the markets and use competitors’ missteps to their own advantage. Establishing customer loyalty programs or partner rewards programs might draw new business for companies from competitors’ former clients.