How to Improve Global Channel Sales to Increase Engagement and Profits

improving global channel sales

Improving global channel sales requires having in-depth knowledge of who you’re likely to work with in a partnership. To operate on a grand scale, it’s unreasonable to try to know the minute details of each of your partners. However, groups of similar partners – based on culture, region, industry and other uniting factors – allow you to maximize engagement.

Train your partners to grow your business in their markets by providing them with tools tailored to their specific needs.

Using Segmentation for Improving Global Channel Sales Engagement

Global sales rely on specialized engagement that takes into account your partners’ differences. Language is a basic barrier to quality training, as is location and training schedules. Common selling practices, differences in sales positions and the way your products appear in a market are further differences that will impact your reach.

You might find your partners’ needs are diverse enough to require one on one management. It might be worth the investment in engagement training, depending on the impact they have on your company. In general, however, you will be able to organize groups of partners into categories based on their similarities. Gauge the effectiveness of your programs and seek feedback to ensure segments align correctly. Not every similarity holds the same weight.

For instance, you might create training programs in Spanish for Central and South American partners that don’t fit the sales models in Spain. Or you might find differences in dialect from one region to the next, making it difficult for some to understand the training materials.

Quality Training Materials Require Easy Access

Your goal is to make learning materials as easy to understand and access as possible. Language barriers present one of the biggest challenges to growing your market share around the world. That is one reason it’s so important to consider not only language but dialect when creating engagement materials. It is not enough to translate materials into Spanish or French, especially in areas with their own rich cultures where dialects bring new meaning to many common phrases.

When improving global channel sales, it’s imperative for study materials to be easily accessible in other ways too. Web-based platforms open up a world of possibilities for businesses fostering partnerships in other time zones. Providing partners’ access through the internet offers a convenient way to keep training up-to-date at a low cost.

Web-based training requires quality solutions for technical problems or basic user errors. A 24/7 engagement portal doesn’t do much good if people who access it can’t get it to work correctly. Interactive videos and mobile applications can also help provide on-demand training without complicated restrictions on time or, necessarily, language.

Incentivize Training in Ways That Matter Most to Your Partners

When dealing with a web-based platform, such as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) learning systems, you will get the most bang for your buck by matching rewards with a partners’ needs. Gamification can make learning fun, but digital trinkets might not be enough for sales teams to learn about your products and promote them to their clients.

Large corporations, like Disney, have found effective ways of rewarding partners, like independent travel agents who wish to sell their package tours. Adventures by Disney is one of their most expensive and highest-rated travel products, and they give special perks to agents who put in the study time needed to improve sales.

First, all agents who sell Disney related travel must earn certification by attending the College of Knowledge online. The program is several hours long and covers Disney’s two U.S. theme parks, their Aulani resort in Hawaii and the Disney Cruise and Adventures by Disney travel programs.

Second, by completing modules on each type of travel, agents can download a certificate of completion. The agent can upload these certificates to their websites or print them for posting at a travel office. While these certificates cost the company next to nothing, they increase the trust agents’ clients have in their services – and in particular, their abilities to book affordable, satisfying Disney travel experiences.

Third, qualified agents who complete the College of Knowledge have the option of several additional perks available, such as discount cruise rates and free theme park tickets. Not only do these incentives give travel agents a way to save big money on vacations, but they offer them an affordable way to become true experts on Disney products.

Setups like these encourage partners to learn more while also making it easy to succeed.

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