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Information technology vendor EMC extends channel partner incentives for 2010

In a competitive market, having valuable business partners is critical way to maintain an edge. IT storage vendor EMC seems to understand this principle as the company recently invested money in its channel incentives program to keep its Velocity2 partners coming.

“The worldwide Velocity2 partner community plays an important role in our go-to-market strategy and we will continue to make the appropriate investments in programs that support and reward its commitment to EMC,” Kristian Thyregod, EMC vice president of global channel marketing told

EMC recently announced that it will renew its Velocity Incentive Program to enrich the earning potential of corporate partners. The high-profile changes include the creation of a technical architect certification, reports, allowing partners to boost their own specialization merits.

EMC is not the only company that has recently added a certification system to their channel incentives. Both mobile makers Motorola and security software company Symantec have added new official recognition parameters to their partner reward programs.

These vendors may be making smart moves as a study from the Australian Graduate School of Management indicates loyalty programs for distributors that guide them in how to handle the products often yields positive results.