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Intel rolls out new channel sales program

Intel introduced a new channels sales program this week that will take the attention away from financial benefits and motivate greater participation through training and other advantages. According to CRN, Intel's new channel will allow resellers and system builders to develop stronger networks and opportunities under one program.

The Technology Provider Program will establish three levels of certification – Registered, Gold and Platinum – which the company hopes will ease current goals of blending Intel's computing technologies and its enterprise and technology offerings. According to Intel, the decision to revamp their channel program was made to in accordance with industry trends.

"The three levels allow us to modulate our business together to enhance the program as we move forward to deliver on embedded and compute opportunities," said CJ Bruno, Intel's general manager for the Americas, during the annual Solutions Summit in Las Vegas.

"Independent of what level of integration our partner delivers, they should be getting credit for it. That's the whole idea behind the program. If you're delivering Intel technology, you can be in the program. The new program takes the confusion out because it's simplified and easier to understand and it also embraces channel members far and wide."

In addition to reducing confusion, the new program provides greater opportunity for face-to-face training between the vendor and its resellers. The new Platform Workshop will allow partners to test and use new architectures ahead of time. Plus, resellers will have access to the Virtual Intel Channel Conference and self-paced online training to partners of all levels.

However, Steve Dallman has told partners that the complete roll-out is happening in phases and that all the benefits may not be immediately available. Dallman cites expansion efforts throughout North America and Europe for any lulls in service. Nevertheless, Dallman told CRN that he expects everything to be in place by the end of 2011.

"A lot of the things we're talking about aren't immediately available," Dallman told the source. "But we'll take feedback from our partners and apply it to the program."

Dallman also acknowledged that there may be some changes in partner status, but that the long-term goal of the channel is to allow anyone who wishes to join to have the same freedom and experiences. He stressed that while all can be included, the program is still targeting strong bonds with Intel's most reliable and profitable resellers.