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Leader In Online Reward Marketing Expanding Sales Team Of World’s Best Incentive Reward Platform

We have an extraordinary 90% closing ratio when we get a qualified prospect to experience a 45 minute web demo.

The ISI Group owns Incentive Solutions, Loyaltyworks, and Performance Systems Group. We have been tech innovators for over 20 years and can claim among the first to issue prepaid cards, virtual cards, and 3rd party API connected online rewards mall.

Our rewards mall has over 15 million items available in over 50 countries, event tickets and real-time online air cruises, hotels and cars.

The online marketing platform can be up in two weeks, requires no client IT, and costs as little as $5,000. We are the only company that has 15 “plug and play” modules that allow clients to “build” their program.

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Steve Damerow – CEO