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Loyaltyworks Open Enrollment Module

The idea behind the Loyaltyworks Open Enrollment module is very simple: your incentive program participants won’t need to receive an invitation in order to join the program. Anyone who can access the web address of your incentive program can register.

All of our incentive program modules are based on specific client needs we’ve observed. Open Enrollment is designed to address lost sales opportunities in sales channel environments. Channel sales typically consist of a manufacturer and channel partners (distributors, dealers, etc.) who buy that manufacturer’s product to resell to contractors or end-user consumers.

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The problem the manufacturer then faces is that contractors and end-users may purchase products exclusively from distributors and/or dealers, never sparing a thought for the products’ creators. With Open Enrollment, however, you can:

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  • Capture data for previously unknown customers and B2B partners
  • Reward these new parties and build rapport with them
  • Market to them about promotions, discounts, and future opportunities
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Open Enrollment connects you to business you didn’t even know you were acquiring, helping you manage and retain lucrative relationships.

Five more modules to go! What’s next on the menu? Next week, we will cover our Learn and Earn module, an employee training and education tool.