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McAfee announces new program for global channel partners

McAfee has announced the availability of a new program for channel partners worldwide. The program, which is focused on a channel environment that is productive, profitable, enabled and value-based, was previewed at McAfee’s Sales Kick Off event in January.

The ideas for the program came from channel partners themselves. It is divided into three areas: Margin Advantage programs, Enablement Advantage programs and Secure Computing partner program integration.

The Margin Advantage category includes a number of sales incentive programs that allow partners to distinguish themselves though specific value-add activities. The incentives are designed to reward investment in accredited sales and technical resources. Margin Advantage is comprised of the Margin Building, Business Building and Profit Building programs.

Alex Thurber, senior vice president of worldwide channels at McAfee, said the launch of the program "represents [the company’s] ongoing approach of listening to partner feedback and rewarding partners for the investment they make in McAfee."

Despite the new commitment to channel partners, McAfee saw its shares fall recently after reporting a first-quarter income 30 percent lower than the same period last year. MarketWatch reports the company has predicted numbers below analysts’ expectations for its second quarter.