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New channel partner program for NCP

NCP engineering has now launched its new, revised Channel Alliance Partner Program, aimed to help its sales partners gain new customers.

In a message to its partners, the company said that CHAPP will reduce the entry barrier for new partners, increase customer satisfaction and help attract new sales sections. The program also includes free support and regular webinars for various product updates.

“Each and every partner is a key piece of our company, and we put a focus on reducing the barriers they face,” said H. Peter Felgentreff, president and CEO of NCP engineering. “With the CHAPP initiative, we are focused on building a solid team that closely works together to provide enterprises with complete, flexible security and easy-to-use remote access solutions.”

The company also runs partner programs for its technology and OEM partners, which include T-Mobile, Juniper Networks and Novell.

EChannelLine reports that the company had already received a strong response with its previous partner program. Since starting its first U.S. office earlier this year, the company has already partnered with 400 North American companies.