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New partner program launched by The Bunker

The Bunker, an IT data center security firm, has launched a new channel incentive program that formalizes the process through which it gives incentives to its managed service partners.

The program sets up four partnership tiers, each of which corresponds to a certain commission rate. As companies reach sales targets, they are also rewarded with higher incentives. It also serves a starting point for a much broader program that will be rolled out over the coming months.

The company says its products are designed to meet the needs of various types of partners, including web developers, engineers and other IT professionals.

"The Bunker is much more than a regular data center provider, and as such we offer unique selling points that our partners can utilize to create new business for themselves and for us,” said Ray Welsh, head of marketing at The Bunker.

Soon after launching its new program, The Bunker announced it was teaming up with Connect Internet Solutions to help manage the infrastructure for the UK’s National Audit Office.