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Nexenta Systems launches pair of channel partner programs

Computer storage firm Nexenta Systems has created a pair of new partner programs designed to help increase the spread of its products.

The company’s traditional channel sales program has a range of certifications, and allows its more experienced partners to sell more advanced systems. To help partners achieve higher levels of certification, the company also offers free training sessions.

Nexenta’s new technology partner program encourages collaboration between companies to create the best solutions, and then use the company’s channel sales program to market those solutions.

“We already have over 100 channel partners in 34 countries driving 80 percent of our revenue,” said Evan Powell, the company’s CEO. “Our new structured partner programs and the free Nexenta testing and certification software will further expand our community to provide superior total solutions to storage administrators.”

The company’s programs offer an additional advantage to resellers because the company is only providing the software, and giving its partners all of the profits from hardware sales made using their system.

Almost all of the company’s sales center around its NexentaStor software platform. The company recently brought in two new executives – both of which have experience with similar platforms at Sun and Oracle – to help push the project forward.