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One channel program born, another meets targets

F5, an industry leader in application delivery networking, announced the creation of a new channel sales program that aims to significantly increase the business of resellers. According to a company statement, the main draw of the program will be to improve reseller knowledge of the product from both a sales and engineering perspective.

The program, which will be available to resellers around the world, will come at no cost to partners. F5 believes that waiving channel sales fees is a strong way for resellers to communicate the strength of the product, including how their solutions effectively enhance the cloud, virtualization and data center campaigns implemented by end users.

"These offerings provide partners with the information and tools to clearly communicate the value of F5 technology," Dean Darwin, vice president of worldwide channels at F5, said in a statement.

"By augmenting our partner training programs to capture the breadth of F5’s application delivery and storage optimization capabilities, we’re ultimately helping partners forge deeper sales engagements and enabling customers to take advantage of everything F5 can do for their organizations," he continued.

Perhaps the highest priority for the program will be training partners on F5's solutions, allowing resellers to be pivotal communication points for end users' IT infrastructure needs. The training will include lessons on operating the the ADN program and how it can be included in various IT systems. Additionally, sales engineers will receive well-rounded education on constructing and installing the system and the most common problems it may encounter.

While F5 gets its channel program off the ground, another tech company, Acumatica, reached a milestone in their service. The company announced that it reached its 100th channel sales partner.

The cloud ERP software provider landed on Accounting Today's Top VAR 100 list thanks to a channel sales program that educates partners on the best practices for independently installing their solution. Their program is driven by commitment recruitment of resellers that can work from any global location with rapid turnaround time from signing to implementation.

"We capitalized on the market need for a customizable Cloud ERP solution that could be sold to mid-sized businesses and configured by resellers," said Ezequiel Steiner, CEO of Acumatica.

"While other ERP providers were consolidating their channel or experimenting with 100% commission payments, we grew the fastest by dedicating our entire organization to channel growth, training, and support," Steiner added.