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Modular Online Rewards Programs: Leader Board

Think about the last time you looked at a leader board. It might’ve been a bowling or Billiards scoreboard; it might’ve been a list of top sales numbers by region. A leader board serves one main purpose: to rank competition. In business, where else is competition more prevalent than on a sales team?

Loyaltyworks added the Leader Board module as a form of gamification to inspire friendly rivalry between salespeople and ramping up sales motivation. One of the best ways to use the Leader Board is to offer an incentive to the highest achievers. They may win a promotion by selling the most lumber to distribution channels; they may win by outselling all other dealers in their region. The Leader Board is particularly effective for incentive travel programs. Contestants can check their rankings and make the necessary plans to qualify for the trip. You can reward the highest achievers with an incentive trip, while the runners-up might receive points (cyber currency that can be redeemed for items in an online catalog) or a small prize.

A Leader Board is a visible reminder of ranking and pushes participants to be the best. It’s one thing to earn incentive program points for increasing sales—it’s another to be first-ranking on the Leader Board and earn a prestigious title like “Top Salesperson of the Quarter.” Leader Boards appeal to the natural ego and competitive edge salespeople are known for, raising the stakes of lead-closing and making it all the more exciting.

In next week’s article, we will focus on the Total Recognition Suite, which helps you foster a supportive and encouraging staff environment.


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