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OpSource expands channel program as part of new marketing strategy

California-based cloud computing firm OpSource is altering its channel incentive program to match a redesigned product lineup.

In response to feedback from its resellers, the company has reduced its emphasis on bundling cloud and managed hosting services, and will now allow resellers to sell each of them separately to reach a wider customer base.

The redesigned channel program has three different tiers and five distinct categories, depending on the type of products that the reseller distributes: consulting and development, cloud platform, infrastructure, telecom and distribution. It builds upon the initial channel program that the company launched in January.

OpSource predicts that the new program will be a central part of the company’s future growth and help it drastically improve its reach. CEO Treb Ryan said that within a year, the company hopes to earn more than 50 percent of its revenue through its channel program.

The company has followed a quick growth pattern in recent years. Last month, named the eight-year-old company as one of its Leaders to Watch in the cloud computing industry.