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Revenue goals lead to channel sales expansion

It should go without saying that achieving revenue goals allows for further business expansion. It is with that thinking that AlgoSec, an industry leader in network security policy management, announced an expansion to its channel sales program. The decision comes after the company surpassed 100 percent revenue growth over the past year.

According to a statement from the company, under the expanded program, qualified solution resellers will have the opportunity to create long-term, economically viable business partnerships in AlgoSec's market.

The decision to boost the channel sales program may have, in part, been related to the scope of the program in relation to the rest of the company. The channel network is responsible for more than 90 percent of AlgoSec's business. This year, the company hopes to recruit sales partners that target the firewall market on its way to becoming a 100 percent channel-driven entity.

If achieved, this will cement the company's strength, considering it reached 102 percent revenue growth in the United States without any outside financial assistance. In all, the company grew 2,000 percent between 2005 and 2009, breaking through with end users on the Fortune 100 list and the top four auditing firms.

"This is an untapped market for anyone that sells firewalls; when we show AlgoSec to existing customers with even a few firewalls, the technology practically sells itself," Dave Doebler, director of sales at an AlgoSec Gold channel partner, said in the statement.

"In addition to a great product offering, AlgoSec is very responsive to customer needs, quickly implementing customer feature requests to support the sales cycle."

The channel program has a number of benefits for partners, including the forwarding of hot leads, which would decrease the need to conduct cold lead generation. Certified and Gold partners of AlgoSec will receive guaranteed margins, in addition to support and margin protection. All partners will also have access to technical training and certification, plus marketing and sales support.

"By partnering with AlgoSec, channel partners can experience training and support through the sales cycle. AlgoSec's solution is also ideal for the compliance and auditing markets, and opens additional revenue channels for professional service resellers," Kin Mitra, North America general manager of AlgoSec, stated in the release.