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Scale computing announces marketing-focused channel program restructuring

Clustered storage solutions provider Scale Computing recently announced channel program enhancements designed to offer its top-level partners more sales and marketing-based benefits. As part of the overhaul, the two tiers intended to categorize the program’s channel partners were expanded to four classifications – preferred, select, choice and engaged.

“We had only two tiers before, and it was a little overly simplistic where we tried too much of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach,” said Peter Fuller, vice president of business development and marketing at the company.

Rather than categorizing partners based on size, the new tiers are based on volume of sales, with members of the preferred and select tiers being offered perks like the opportunity to participate at corporate events alongside Scale, as well as access to a regularly released newsletter that has been customized for their companies.

“This year, we wanted to let them use us almost as an agency,” Fuller explained. “We want to let partners piggyback on what we are doing, to do things they wouldn’t be able to do on their own unless they are huge.”

Members of the top tier of preferred partners are required to sell seven clusters annually, in addition to attaining required certification and working with the company’s marketing team in order to create leads. From there the requirements are scaled down, and members of the choice tier must sell one cluster per year. Entry level partners – classified as engaged – are typically lifestyle value-added resellers to whom storage sales is not a priority. Instead, they tend to be focused on their install base and not be as interested in marketing services.

Partners belonging to all tiers will receive technical training, as well as access to the company’s partner portal and full support. Additionally, preferred partners will receive joint marketing programs and resources, marketing development funds and leads generated by the company.

According to Fuller, Scale’s partner program has nearly doubled in size within the past year due to aggressive recruitment efforts. It is now up to about 350 partners, and is looking to sign up more.

Subsequent to announcing the program improvements, Scale added new channel incentives for HP VARs that join the program. For a limited time, they will be eligible for free web-based technical training, free web-based sales and marketing training, and $350 incentives for fast sales.