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Security software maker Symantec secures business partners with channel incentive program

Symantec – the leading maker of computer anti-virus and overall security software – wants to foster healthy IT and reseller relations this year. The company is set to launch a channel incentive program that will better equip business partners to make sales while improving the efficacy of their own storage infrastructure capacities.

The incentive program will reward partners with special certification and technical expertise on how to achieve data center efficiency savings, reports CRN. Officials at Symantec understand this training program will help resellers boost their sales and enable the company to take on more projects than possible on its own.

Shaune Parsons, managing director at Symantec silver partner Computer World Wales, told CRN he thinks these incentives will be popular with the firm’s channel partners. “Anything a manufacturer can do to help resellers make money in this climate is good, and the ‘learning on the job’ [aspect] should provide a better, all-round training experience in a live environment.”

Other business venders might want to consider offering similar programs in trying times. In a competitive market, companies might find an opportunity to quicker recovery through an incentive program.

A study from the Australian Graduate School of Management suggests that loyalty programs that can help distributors handle the product often yield positive results.