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Smart Destinations launches new channel program for travel industry partners

Multi-attraction travel pass provider Smart Destinations recently announced a new channel program designed to offer white-label products and services to select industry partners.

Channel partners will be able to leverage the program in several ways, including white-labeling one of the company’s 14 attraction passes, thereby associating it directly with their company’s brand and logo. Additionally, partners will be able to develop a custom attraction pass with hand-picked options that were chosen specifically to enhance an offer that they are currently promoting. Partners will also have the option of creating a customized website through which their customers can purchase Smart Destinations’ Go City Cards and Explorer Passes.

The company – which operates across multiple industry channels including the hotel, airline and cruise spaces – currently works with Virgin Holidays, Hilton Grand and Shorex Travel, among others. Virgin Holidays was one of the first to participate in the custom card program when it created a package known as the Do More See More Play More Pass for travelers to Orlando earlier this year. Its customers are now exclusively able to purchase an Explorer Pass with a choice of four attractions not offered through any other channel. The pass makes it easy for Virgin Holidays customers to visit attractions while saving up to 35 percent off the price of buying separate tickets and enjoying further privileges such as the opportunity to skip lines at select attractions.

“By providing Smart Destinations’ multi-attraction passes, we are able to extend our brand value to travelers by offering them access to the best attractions in Orlando in a convenient package,” said Virgin Holidays executive Gary Orr.

Hotel chains such as RCI and Hilton Grand are leveraging the white-label capability to offer a custom website through which users can buy multi-attraction passes. The website is branded specifically for each chain.

Cruise industry excursion provider Shorex Travel uses the program to offer cruise ship passengers a multi-attraction pass that features entry into top attractions at selected ports.

“By developing this card in partnership with Smart Destinations, we have been able to offer a new and unique product … while at the same time enhancing the consumer experience,” said Tom Allen, director and co-founder of Shorex.