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Symantec offers channel incentives to boost marketing for its partners

Information technology and security provider Symantec has enhanced its channel incentive program to help its partners increase sales and benefit from improved marketing resources.

The Campaign Creator program provides a customized advertising campaign that will attract more customers. Any small business partners without big marketing budgets will be able to use Campaign Creator’s templates to generate their own marketing campaigns.

"We’re committed to helping our partners of all sizes differentiate their businesses and maximize their revenues with Symantec," said the company’s vice president of channel sales, Randy Cochran. "These new programs will help our partners maximize time and budgets to drive increased demand for their solutions."

Small business owners are also encouraged by the new incentive program.

Michael Deckert owns a communications company and said that Campaign Creator is a great tool for small businesses.

"It allows me to convey messages quickly to several people at once, helping me get the most from my marketing resources," Deckert said.

Symantec’s biggest competitor, McAfee, was recently acquired by Intel. But some experts believe that Symantec’s major product, Norton Antivirus, could face declining revenues as information technology increasingly turns to open software and cloud-based computing.