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Telecom company implements ski trip channel sales incentive

Daisy, a British telecommunications service provider, has announced it will offer a channel sales incentive for dealers of Anglia Telecom and Fone Logistics. Key partners within each company were invited to participate in the incentive for a chance to win a ski trip in France.

The dealer with the highest number of Blackberry connections to the O2 network and the highest percentage growth will win the ski trip. The channel incentive will also offer awards in the categories of highest gross connectors, best small partners and most improved partners.

"We are working extremely hard to affect the full integration of the two businesses and this event was an ideal way of demonstrating the business’ unity and commitment to its channel partners," said Anglia Telecom managing director Dave McGinn. "We anticipate that this is the first of many such exciting initiatives and is absolutely aligned with our aim of cementing our position as the leading distribution partner to the channel."

Channel incentives provide sales and business partners with a higher level of motivation. Incentive programs can also be implemented to influence internal sales, but these programs should utilize strong loyalty and retention programs as well, since it is employee morale that ultimately affects sales and overall business operations.