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The Planet restructures channel program to cater to smaller companies

Cloud-based services provider The Planet has restructured its channel incentive program to allow its partners to sell to smaller clients, according to ChannelWeb.

The program allows partners to work in one of two ways, according to the site. They can either buy the company’s product and act as a reseller or find an interested customer and refer them to The Planet – which will then take over.

The company also told the site that its simplified price structure – which involves one fee for both processing and bandwidth – also makes it more accessible for smaller companies.

"A significant chunk of our revenue comes from resellers selling our hosted services to customers," Carl Meadows, the company’s senior product manager for cloud services, told ChannelWeb. "A lot of traditional cloud providers just are not really reseller-friendly or web business-friendly."

To offer more flexibility to its resellers and direct customers, The Planet works with a number of different companies to provide its server solutions. These companies include Dell, Intel, Cisco and RedHat.