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Torex expands U.S. channel program presence

Retail technology firm Torex is expanding the channel incentive program for its point-of-sale terminals in the United States.

The company, which primarily operates in Europe and Asia, says the expansion of its focus will allow resellers to market a global system to U.S. retailers. Torex says it will offer its partners expert technical support and work to turn them into "local POS technology expert[s]."

"While we can provide customers with proven and innovative solutions to retail challenges in today’s markets, we recognize the contextual value that local specialists will bring to our offering – and, most importantly, to our customers," said Paul Daly, vice president of sales for Torex US.

The company says a number of resellers have already signed onto the program, including DataTech, Pacific Computer Systems and Prism Data Systems.

But despite the new focus on the United States, the company’s growth in the UK has continued. In just the last month, British retailers Debenhams and Republic have implemented the company’s POS systems to increase efficiency in their stores.