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Turn Your Sales Channel into a Profit Loop

The HVAC industry is rife with threats to your valuable relationship with contractors. These contractors play an essential role in the supply chain: they’re customer-facing, they see the end-user’s home or building in person, and they have conversations with those end-users about their HVAC issues. This information is precious to you, as an HVAC manufacturer, because it teaches you consumers’ buying habits and will help you forecast what they will need in the future. When your relationships with your contractors are strong, you have a clearer picture of how to market your products.

What Do You Need to Do to Get the Profit Loop Started?

Imagine that all your resell partners —distributors, dealers, etc.— are motivated to sell your brand and push your products over your competitors’. Then, these new and existing contractors are motivated to push your products when they receive rewards for doing so. What could be better than inspiring every link in the sales channel chain to be stronger?

Some incentive companies, such as Loyaltyworks in Atlanta, GA, provide reward program options specifically designed for distribution and channel sales business structures. With an incentive program that addresses multiple parts of your supply chain, you can stimulate sales in a three-step process that builds on itself:

  • Reward distributors and they are more motivated to push your products to contractors.
  • Reward contractors and they are motivated to push your products to consumers.
  • Reward consumers and they are motivated to buy your brand more often, or refer friends and family, increasing sales for you and your contractors.

How Can You Use a Reward Program to Motivate the Entire Sales Channel?

The powerful online reward program technology that Loyaltyworks utilizes is key in facilitating the flexibility and control needed to reward all these sales channel groups. This technology allows you to manage complex, widespread programs by offering add-on modules. Each module has features that add different capabilities to your incentive program.

For instance, Loyaltyworks offers a Mobile App module that allows users to access your reward program on the go. This accessibility is especially attractive to contractors because their “office” is always moving and because they frequently have to make tough choices between a huge variety of products. With a Mobile App, you offer contractors the kind of flexible program that fits into their busy lifestyles. They can access the latest product promotions, the online rewards catalog, or input sales claims directly from the field.

The Performance Tracking module is another feature Loyaltyworks provides so you can manage promotions among your program users. Your channel partners can earn points for promotion wins. You can challenge your dealers and distributors to push products to more contractors; you can also run programs exclusive to contractors, rewarding them for increasing sales. When they reach your goals, they can then redeem those points for items in an online reward catalog, which includes electronics, sporting gear, kitchenware, event tickets, travel opportunities, and more.

When it comes to HVAC services, you can’t get around the fact that distributors and contractors play an essential role in talking your brand up to potential customers. You need your channel partners’ eyes and ears to determine exactly what your consumers’ HVAC needs are. When you’re able to reward channel partners for their contractor connections and reward contractors for promoting your brand to consumers, your entire sales channel works harder to increase sales and make end-consumers happy. Incentive programs improve your relationships with contractors, distributors, and consumers alike so that the loop of increased sales continues feeding on itself and flourishing.

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