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ViewSonic improves channel partner program

Communications technology manufacturer ViewSonic has introduced improvements to its channel partner program, including a new initiative that will bring its sales partners into the research and development process.

ViewSonic announced the start of new channel partner incentives for its Finch Club partner rewards program, such as a VIP customer service hotline for Platinum members and free shipping for agents that return old merchandise to be recycled.

But the ViewSonic North American Advisory Council, a collection of selected channel partners and company developers who will meet regularly, signifies the company’s move toward integrating its sales partners into the R & D process.

Melinda Beecher, senior manager of channel marketing, said the program enhancements offer better marketing abilities for the company’s partners, and will increase sales.

"The improvements we are rolling out to the Finch Club program come as a result of ongoing conversations with our channel partners, and reflects our commitment to rewarding them for continued loyalty," Beecher said.

The enhancements coincide with product improvements at ViewSonic. The company announced last week that by 2011 all products will use LED technology, helping to reduce energy costs for customers.